Hunting for a new job? Use one of these top job apps to streamline your search.

Hunting for a new job? Use one of these top job apps to streamline your search.

From ordering food to looking for love, there’s an app for that; the job search is no different. These days, looking for a job doesn’t require combing through newspaper listings or being confined to desktop websites. Instead, there are a number of job-search apps that can help you stay connected and on top of your job hunt, even while on the go.

Are you ready to find your perfect match using an app? Here are the best job apps (in no particular order) all job seekers need to know about.

1. LinkedIn

Did you know that 77 percent of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find prospective job candidates? LinkedIn is a solid all-in-one job-search app, perfect for networking, sharing professional news, interacting with co-workers, and searching for jobs.

First, set your profile “open to job opportunities” (only visible to recruiters) to receive opportunities straight to your InMail box. Then, set up job-search alerts to receive notifications about the most recent, relevant postings. If you want even more job-search intel, like salary insights and how you compare to other applicants, sign up for Premium, which is free for the first month.


Cost: Free or $29.00 a month for Premium

2. Jobs by

If is one of your favorite websites for job searching, you’ll be a fan of its app. The user-friendly interface gives you the power of wherever you go with instant access to search millions of job postings at any time and apply through the app. Filter your searches by salary, education, qualifications, and experience. You’ll even get notified when your application is viewed.

Cost: Free

3. Snagajob

If you’re looking for a part-time or hourly job, then Snagajob is your app. You’ll get immediate access to their database of new job listings, and the app even matches you with jobs that are a good fit. In addition to the one-click apply feature, which allows you to easily apply to jobs, Snagajob also lets you show off your personality to employers with a personality quiz. You can even add a video to your profile.

Cost: Free

4. JobAware

If you have trouble organizing your job-search process, then JobAware just might be the app you’ve been looking for. JobAware aggregates job listings through Indeed, so you can search for openings by keyword and location. Then — and this is where JobAware is unique — you can categorize jobs by priority: dream jobs, second-choice jobs, and third-choice jobs. You can also file jobs into the various stages of the job-search process (think: researched, applied, interviewing, offer).

Cost: Free

5. Remotely Job Search

If you’re looking for a remote job, the job-search process can quickly become frustrating. You can easily spend hours searching job postings, only to read the “fine print” and realize there are location dependencies. That’s where the Remotely Job Search app can help. It only curates remote jobs, so you can be sure you aren’t wasting your time. Its interface is simple and to the point; just search for jobs by field.

Cost: Free

6. Indeed Job Search

If you’re a fan of Indeed, then you’ll want to use its app. It’s garnered nearly 1.2 million ratings in the iTunes store with an average 4.7 out of 5-star review. Pretty impressive, right? It works similarly to the website in that you can search millions of jobs in a matter of seconds. Simply search by keyword and location, then apply to these jobs from your phone.

Cost: Free

7. Good&Co Culture Fit Job Finder

If company culture is an important part of your job search, then download the Good&Co Culture Fit Job Finder app. You’ll start by taking a three-minute personality quiz. Then Good&Co lists job opportunities in your area that might be a good culture fit. The more quizzes you take, the more insight you’ll gain — both about yourself and your perfect job.

Cost: Free

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another popular job-search website that comes with an app. However, it differs from other sites on this list because it offers a ton of insight on jobs. It allows you to search the newest job listings, read company reviews, and learn more about salary and benefits. Set up push notifications to get the latest job postings.

Cost: Free

9. ZipRecruiter Job Search

The ZipRecruiter app makes it easy to search for and apply to jobs immediately, without needing your laptop. First, upload your resume. Then, use the app to save potential opportunities, apply for jobs, and even track your applications. Get a leg up on the competition by setting up daily job alerts, as well.

Cost: Free

10. Resume Library

Finding a job has never been easier. With the Resume-Library app, you can set up targeted Job Alerts and get the right jobs delivered straight to the app and your inbox. 

Cost: Free

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