Sasol is hiring Operators (X15 Opportunities)

Sasol is hiring and invites candidates to apply for latest Operators vacancies (X15 Opportunities).

Closing date: 23 January 2024Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

  • Plant & Equipment: Ensure safety equipment is available and in working order. Ensure correct tools and equipment are available. Maintain cleanliness in plant and surrounding areas.Plant Operation: Operate plant according to operating manual and safety instructions.Administration: Communicate with KP machine operators and mixers regarding production schedule issues. Adhere to legislation (ISO, CIE & 5S Systems).Maintenance & Statutory Inspection: Prepare plant for maintenance and assist with repairs. Do quality checks on manufactured products.General Housekeeping: Maintain cleanliness inside the production area.Reporting: Report on daily production and breakdowns. Manually update production graphs after daily production.
  • Formal EducationGrade 12Min Experience3 months+ experience in Explosives manufacturingCertification & Professional MembershipNoneCompetencies
  • Collaboration: The action of working with someone to produce something.Compliance: Understanding the rules, regulations, sanctions, and other statutory requirements.Execution Capability: The underlying ability to execute a strategy/project or day-to-day work.Problem Solving: A step-by-step process of defining a problem, searching for information, and testing solutions.Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback, and self-correcting.

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