Mafoko Security specializes in physical security and electronic security
services. These services are provided to a range of clients from Private,
Corporate, and Government clients. We design and implement security measures required by the clients, and we also provide a risk analysis. Our
technical teams have over 20 years combined technical experience and
our teams can design and implement successful electronic security

We have operated for over 13 years in the security sector providing an
effective and professional service.
Erasmus Nare founded and started operating Mafoko Security Patrols
(Pty) Ltd in December 2004, with a staff complement of less than 10. The
company established itself in the Public sector as one of the small-scale
security companies with huge potential. It grew steadily over the years and
experienced a major boost in 2010 when quality security services where in
high demand across the country.
Mafoko has since growth to have over 6 000 employees and has a national
footprint across South Africa and a large Turn-over from a zero base.
Mafoko Security one of the biggest 100% black owned security companies
with a BBEEE Level One rating in South Africa.
Our Vision
The vision of Mafoko Security Services is to attain a leading edge in the
commercial and residential security sectors as well as in electronic
security systems.
Our Mission
To ensure safety and protection to civic and business communities.
To provide excellent service to the community

Minimise crime in communities.
To encourage community participation in combating crime in South
To build strategic networks and relationships with various
stakeholders so as to promote an integrated delivery of security
We are looking for over 500 securities across the country


Grade 10 to Grade 12

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