Job description This is a summary of what the job involves to help you decide if you are a good fit. We are looking for a Food Service Team Member to join our team! As a Team Member your main job is to make sure our kitchen runs smoothly. You’ll be responsible for getting tasks done efficiently so we can serve our customers delicious food.


What you’ll do
This is a list of tasks that you will be responsible for doing on your days at work.
Cook KFC products quickly and accurately, using kitchen equipment
Manage multiple orders while ensuring accurate preparation
Cut and prepare ingredients for cooking, following order instructions
Make sure each order is correct and well-packaged
Prepare and wrap food according to specific orders, following preparation charts
Manage food supplies and equipment to work efficiently
Keep the kitchen and cooking areas clean and safe
Receive and store new supplies carefully
Properly store food to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness
Notify the manager if we’re running low on supplies or if equipment needs attention
Verify prepared food meets quality and quantity standards
Follow proper closing procedures carefully
Regularly conduct equipment checks and make sure it is clean and maintained
Take on additional responsibilities as needed by management to help keep the restaurant
running smoothly
Work efficiently in all roles and provide support to the team
This is a list of things you will need in order to be considered for this role

Meeting the preferences would be a plus, but if you don’t, it won’t stop companies from
considering you.
Experience: Cook
Within 15km from job
Application Process
This is a list of things you will need to do when completing your application to this job.
Assessments required for application
Potential Work Performance Assessment Battery (Complete)
Questions required for application
Are you able to work under pressure, how do you handle pressure?
What will your approach be to handle rude, unhappy or difficult customers?
Do you live within travelling distance from the job?
Have you worked for KFC before?
Do you have a valid National Senior Certificate (Matric certificate) or equivalent?
Will you be able to bring a copy of your matric certificate to the interview?

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