How to treat the flu at HOME

Step 1:
Begin with domestic cures for the flu
As before long as you take note side effects, there are a number of things you’ll do to treat the flu at domestic whereas you screen the circumstance or hold up to conversation with a doctor:

Take it simple and get bounty of rest – Aiming to bed early and rests are profoundly empowered. Rest makes a difference speed recuperation.
Stay hydrated – Making beyond any doubt you’re getting sufficient liquids (particularly water) makes a difference you get way better speedier and decreases dangers of complications. In spite of the fact that you will feel like you do not need to eat or drink, attempt taking little tastes of water, juice or broth frequently all through the day.
Attempt saline nasal splash – In case your symptoms incorporate a runny or stuffy nose, a saline nasal shower can offer assistance calm weight so you’ll be able breathe simpler.
Utilize over-the-counter solutions to assist reduce certain indications – Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) are regularly prescribed by specialists to assist diminish fevers and give treatment for cerebral pain alleviation. In any case, on the off chance that you’re treating a child with the flu, it’s vital to as it were deliver them drugs that have been suggested by their specialist. You ought to never donate headache medicine (acetylsalicylic corrosive) to children or young people who have the flu since it comes with a small risk of causing the possibly deadly Reye’s Disorder.
In the event that you’re pondering what else you’ll be able take for the flu, there are antivirals like Tamiflu that can be effective. Do you wish a medicine for Tamiflu or other antivirals? Yes – and we’ll get to that in Step 5.

What to eat once you have the flu
Once you have the flu, you will not have much of an craving. So, nourishments with milder flavors which are simple to eat like soups, bananas, apples or applesauce, bread and rice can be great choices. But generally, eating natural products, vegetables like verdant greens, entire grains and incline proteins – all those nourishments that are portion of a adjusted slim down – can offer assistance keep your body fueled to battle the flu infection.

In case you’re encountering queasiness or spewing, eating and drinking nourishments with ginger may offer assistance. Simple choices incorporate ginger lager, ginger difficult sweet, ginger candies or ginger tea.

Step 2:
Arrange to remain domestic for a bit – particularly on the off chance that you’ve got a fever
You ought to remain domestic with the flu. You should not go to work or school on the off chance that you have the flu. On the off chance that you’re sick, you should remain domestic. You require to rest, and it can halt you from spreading germs around town.


It’s particularly imperative to remain domestic on the off chance that you have a fever, and for at slightest 24 hours after your fever goes away (without the utilize of fever reducers). Why? Because you’re most contagious when you have got a fever and the day after it breaks.

Step 3:
Attempt to prevent the flu from spreading to other family individuals
On the off chance that you have got the flu, chances are you do not want anyone else to feel as hopeless as you are doing right presently. But since you wish to remain domestic, your family or family individuals are at a higher hazard for getting debilitated. So, take steps to protect them as best you’ll be: able

Keep your remove
Do not share nourishment or drinks
Wash your hands regularly
Cover your mouth once you sniffle or hack
To slaughter the flu infection around your house, disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects such as countertops, entryway handles or inaccessible controls

Step 4:
Get supportive exhortation from an experienced nurture specialist
In the event that you’re not beyond any doubt in case you’ve got the flu or in case you’re trying to find home remedy exhortation, call your wellbeing care provider’s nurture line.

In case you are a HealthPartners quiet or part, our care lines permit you to conversation with a nurture 24/7, 365 days a year at no charge. They can provide you more domestic cure counsel based on the symptoms you feel and assist you choose in the event that it’s time to see a specialist for flu treatment.

Step 5:
Get flu treatment at domestic to remedy the infection quick
To assist you remedy the flu quicker and secure you from extreme complications, you will take an antiviral like Tamiflu or Relenza. But antivirals need a medicine and are most successful when taken closer to the onset of side effects.

Whether you’re stuck at domestic with a fever or do not have the quality to put on genuine pants, there are some of ways to urge quality virtual care for the flu that fits your inclinations.

Make an critical care video visit appointment
Critical care video visits are just like office visits, but you get to skip the trip to the clinic. Your doctor or nurse will tune in to your indications, reply questions and work with you to make an influenza treatment arrange in case you would like one. 

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