Where can I study computer literacy online for free in South Africa?

You can learn computer basics for free in South Africa on EduCourse Online Learning. We have a free course for all skill levels. Whether you’re new to computers or want to improve, EduCourse can help. They cover computer basics, internet, email, Microsoft Office, file handling, and online tools. After the course, you get a certificate. This shows your skills. Don’t miss this chance to boost your computer knowledge with EduCourse Online Learning.

How do I get a computer literacy certificate online for free?

To obtain a free computer literacy certificate from EduCourse, select the computer literacy course, complete the course requirements, such as lessons and quizzes, and upon successful completion, you’ll receive your digital certificate to demonstrate your computer skills.

Why does Computer Literacy matter?

In today’s digital world, knowing how to use a computer is crucial. Here’s why:

  1. Better Job Prospects: Many jobs need basic computer skills, like making documents or using email. Being computer literate makes you more appealing to employers.
  2. Access to online Learning: Computer skills let you access lots of online courses and learning materials, including ours.
  3. Communication: In a world of emails and video calls, computer literacy helps you communicate effectively at work and with friends.
  4. Financial Opportunities: With computer know-how, you can explore online work, e-commerce, and even start your own business, potentially increasing your income.

What you will learn in our Computer Literacy Certificate Course?

1. How did Computers Develop and it’s history
Discover how computers evolved in the First Lesson.

2. Computer components and their functions
This lesson will teach you about computer components and their functions.3.Securely switching your Computer on and off without loss of data

3.Securely switching your Computer on and off without loss of data
This guide will teach you how to securely turn on and off a computer.


4. Using computer hardware, such as the keyboard, screen, and mouse.
You will learn how to operate computer hardware such as the keyboard, screen, and mouse in this section.

5. Important computer terms and definitions
You will learn about many computer phrases and concepts in this section.

6. Access and use information from a disk drive and other drives.
This section teaches how to play back and edit material saved on CDs and other devices.

7. Ins and outs dealing with digital documents
You will discover more about the fundamentals of working with digital documents

8. How computers work with operating systems (OS)
This lesson will teach you about the Operating System (OS) and how it works.

How to get started learning computer literacy?

To get a free computer literacy certificate from EduCourse:

  1. Visit EduCourse’s course page .
  2. Register a student account or log in.
  3. Choose the computer literacy course.
  4. Finish the course and pass all quizzes.
  5. Get your digital certificate to showcase your skills.

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