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Examination Assistants (EA’s) Vacancies for Dec 2024 Marking Session, Department of Education.
Closing date: 14 June 2024
Examination Assistants (EA’s) Vacancies for Dec
2024 Marking Session
The Department will commence with 2024 NSC marking session on 01 to 14 December 2024 and appointed
Examination Assistants must be available for an uninterrupted full duration.
Applications for Examination Assistants (EAs) for the marking session are hereby invited and applicants
should conform to the following criteria:
Must be a South African citizen with grade 12 certificate.
Must be registered, at least for the second year at tertiary institution or unemployed graduates.
Must be 18 and not more than 30 years of age and without any criminal record.
Indigent persons (most needy) will be prioritized.
Applicants are invited from circuits, NYDA and tertiary institutions and application forms should be
distributed accordingly.

Appointments will all be done at Head Office to ensure equitable distribution of employment opportunities
and avoidance biasness.
Applicants must attach the following supporting documents, or they will not be considered:
Certified copies of grade 12 certificate / statement of results and ID Copy.
Certified proof of current year tertiary registration and latest statement of tertiary results/ copy of
tertiary qualification(s) and Short Curriculum Vitae must be attached.
How to apply
Individual application forms may be submitted to Head Office (Public Examinations & Assessments in
District or Circuit offices or posted to address below and Tertiary institutions and NYDA may submit direct to
Head Office or post applications.
Ikhamanga Building, Government Boulevard, Riverside Park, Mpumalanga Province, Private Bag X11341,
Mbombela, 1200.
Mark applications for attention: Dr HN Mkhwanazi. Enquiries should be referred to
h.mkhwanazi@mpuedu.gov.za or d.mokoena@mpuedu.gov.za and place applications in
envelope when submitting at District/Circuit offices and mark it for attention to above officials.

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