4 Mobile Friendly Online Learnerships for Matriculants in 2023

4 Mobile Friendly Online Learnerships for Matriculants in 2023 

Are you looking for an online learnership you can take from home using your phone? If you are a Matriculant. These learnerships offer stipend and a qualification after successfully complete the programme.

Probably the reason why you might be looking for these learnerships maybe because you do not have any reliable device such as a laptop, on where by most online learnerships do require to at least have a laptop to successfully complete your assigments. Do not worry, because we have online learnerships with stipend you can apply for as a matriculant.

Let us dive to these online learnerships..

Online Learnerships with Stipend for Matriculants in 2023

Here is the list of online learnerships you can enrol in using your phone in South Africa.

01. M4Jam

Have you heard about M4JAM?, well this programme is for people who want Micro Jobs online that pay in rands, and get connected with businesses. These Micro tasks can only be done online using the M4JAM App on your phone.


For you to get started you need to download the Money4JAM app and sign-up. Requirements are not the issue here. You only need to be at least 18 years old above and be living in South Africa.

As this may be necessarily an online learnership, yet it has benefits of enrolling on a learnership. On whereby the difference can be you get paid for surveys, collecting info, answering trivial questions and completing tasks on behalf of other businesses.

Being said, you can earn between R30-R50 per task. Depending on the duration of each task and what it requires you to do. So, if you would like to get started you can use the link below to apply for Money4Jam or download the app.

Apply: M4Jam Application

02. Skill Up

Skill Up is very similar to Quest College Learnerships, usually these learnerships differ based on companies. There are motor industry, mining, tech and many other companies which offer learnerships through Skill Up.

So basically, Skill Up is a platform and companies are the hosts of learnerships. Even though stipends are paid by Skill Up monthly yet, these learnerships are offered by various companies.

There are no fixed requirements for applying for Skill Up learnerships, since companies may require different types of learners all the time. You may need to be 18 above and be a South African citizen to apply.

Join the facebook community group for more latest updates on Skill Up Learnerships.

Apply: Skill Up Online Learnership Application

03. Quest College

This Online college offers courses, learnerships and skills development programmes. Accredited by Seta and has a variety of courses to choose from through their elearning platform. 

Applicants normally apply through unique links that are sent during the sign up. That’s when you get assigned with current learnership hosts by companies all over south Africa.

It does not neccesarrily matter if you have a laptop or not since these online learnership courses are flexible and mobile friendly. So, since you are looking for an online learnership in 2023. This may be the one you have been waiting for.

Apply: Quest College Online Learnership Application


The name stands for (Connecting Youth With Good Jobs You can get a R400 monthly stipend from completing your assignments. This organization in about connecting youth to companies that are hiring also it offers online learnerships you can take from your phone


  • ID (Certfied)     
  • Matric or Gr11 results
  • Bank confirmation letter
  • SARS certificate
  • CV

APPLY: CYWGJ ELearning Learnership Application 

Other Online Learnerships for Matriculants include

If these learnerships are not enough for you, look up to these following online learnerships for matriculants.

  • Sonke Learnerships
  • SDP Learnerships
  • Devine Creators Learnerships
  • Elearning LMS Learnerships


These online learnerships are flexible in a way that allows you to worry less about having a high performing device. All you need is your phone and be sure to have internet access all the time to complete your assignments. Goodluck on your applications.

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