At TotalEnergies, we offer a variety of exciting positions, with career growth possibilities to suit you, spanning the entire energy value chain (oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity).

Your skills, expertise and know-how are key to building our multi-energy model and making the energy transition a reality. Find your own path and discover the job of your dreams!

Take a look at our 20 main categories of jobs and professions:

Our professions in IT, Digital Technology and Data: develop and share information using an array of technologies

Our professions in Research and Intellectual Property: discover the future of energy

Our professions in Geoscience and Reservoir: imagine and model the subsurface

Our professions in Drilling and Well Operations: the best way from the surface to the reservoir

Our professions in Industrial Projects: design and build facilities to ensure our long-term viability

Our professions in Operations: ensure everywhere the smooth running of the operation

Our professions in Maintenance, Inspection and Technology: safely ensure the integrity and availability of industrial facilities

Our professions in Health, Safety, Security, Societal, Environment and Quality (H3SEQ): our commitment to protecting people and property

Our professions in Sales: sell and build TotalEnergies’ marketing strategy

Our professions in Procurement: understand and anticipate the business needs to optimize procurement

Our professions in Supply and Logistics: product storage, transportation and distribution

Our professions in Legal Affairs: protect and defend the Company’s interests

Our professions in Strategy, Economics & Business: develop Company’s performance

Our professions in Finance: manage, control and communicate TotalEnergies’ results

Our professions in Communication: develop and project TotalEnergies’ corporate image and enhance our reputation

Our professions in Human Resources: manage and develop our diverse talents

Our professions in Medical Services: protect and improve the medical and social conditions of employees

Our professions in Governance and Information: leverage the strategic aspect of Governance and Information

Our professions in General Services: create optimum working conditions

Our professions in Support and Assistance: support and assistance to ensure efficient operations

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