Job Description To perform general warehouse duties such as stock taking, binning, picking, packing, checking, moving stock, and ensuring that the warehouse is always clean.

Requirements: Grade 12, Literacy and Numeracy equivalent

At least 3 Years in a warehouse and or logistics environment­ Desirable

Must have numeracy and literacy skills
Self­motivated and willing to go the extra mile
Must be a team player

Physically fit
Honest and show integrity
Clear criminal record


Key Performance Indicators includes, but not limited to.

  1. Ensure the binning of incoming merchandise and the replenishment of inventory from bulk to pick
    locations is performed as per standard operating procedures and requirements
  2. Ensure new products are allocated with bin location numbers in the correct warehouse area
  3. Ensure bins are updated and stock allocated to new bin locations are reported to you superior and
  4. Assist in replenishment functions
  5. Ensure all incoming goods are received and checked as per company standards
  6. Ensure picking of customer and branch orders are being picked timorously to meet order cut off

2. Ensure picking from bulk locations are only done as alternative bin when stock is depleted and not replenished in the picking phase or when picking bulk orders to prevent the breakage of pack sizes 3. Carry out all reasonable and lawful instruction relating to work given to you by your superior 4. Follow all relevant procedures to increase efficient customer satisfaction

  1. Assist in stock take procedures
  2. Ensure housekeeping is done daily
  3. Ensure double checks are done to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and to prevent loss
    of inventory

8. Ensure set standard operational targets are achieved consistently Scanner Control 1. Issue scanners to all operators daily. 2. Book out scanners on the electronic app. 3. Receive scanners back from operators, inspect scanner for damage and book back into stock on the electronic app. 4. Report any damage to the supervisor 5. Complete the daily scanner issue spreadsheet

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION (POPIA) Applicants agree that the Company may retain any personal information relating to you, as long as the Company is obliged to retain such personal information or record, or for as long as the Company reasonably requires the record for lawful purposes related to its functions or activities and acknowledge that the personal information provided to the Company is accurate and correct. You furthermore undertake to inform, and bear sole responsibility of informing, the Company of any changes relating to
your Personal information.

You understand that the Company will process all personal information only where the Company has a
lawful justification to do so and, where consent is required by law, the Company will obtain your consent
prior to processing any personal information.
Applicants acknowledge that the Company will:
during the course of employment, need to collect, organize, process and store your personal
information for the business interests of the Company, as well as for the benefits of both parties.
This includes any information that you have provided in support of your application for employment.
use this information for screening, appointments, administration, and any other employment­related
Further POPIA details will be outlined in the contract of the successful candidate.
Equity Statement
At Motus we are committed to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally. It is
company policy to promote from within wherever possible. Therefore, please be aware that
internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing external applicants, provided that this
supports achievement of our Employment Equity goal
Please note that candidates not contacted within 2 weeks after the closing date must consider
their applications as unsuccessful

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